• Research Interests

    Broadly speaking, we are interested in the phases of the "brain tumor immunity cycle" underlying the relationship beween the immune system and CNS cancers. We are exploring this interplay as follows:



    T cell antigen specificity in GBM

    We are using an integrative approach to understanding the types of antigens recognized during the developing immune response to brain tumors.

    Understanding the immunobiology of antigen presentation

    We are exploring the role of cDC1 and other myeloid cell populations in antigen phagocytosis, transit, and presentation.

    Defining antigen transit pathways

    We are interested in understanding how antigen is handled from parenchymal tissue to secondary lymphoid tissues to prime T cell repsonses.

    Target GBM using personalized vaccine approaches

    We have developed personalized vaccine programs to treat patients with GBM and are investigating optimal routes, methods, and combination therapies to maximize immunologic and clinical effects.

    Engineering therapeutic T cells to target GBM antigens

    Using novel TCR transgenic mouse platforms, we are investigating cell therapy appraoches to treat hetergeneous GBM tumors my remodling the tumor ecosystem.

    Meningeal immunosurveillance

    The cerebral meningeal layers are a dynamic immunologic microenvironment. We are exploring how dural/meningeal surveillance changes in health and disease and contributes to anti-tumor immunity.