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    Gavin P. Dunn, MD, PhD

    Principal Investigator

    Director, Center for Brain Tumor Immunology and Immunotherapy

  • Ngima Sherpa

    Graduate student

    Ngima grew up in Nepal and studied Chemistry and Biology at Caldwell University. She is currently a PhD student in the BBS program at Harvard University. She is interested in investigating the role of dendritic cells in antigen uptake and presentation in GBM. Ngima can be found enjoying poke by the river when the weather is nice. She also loves hiking and finding new coffee shops to enjoy.

    Anthony Wang

    Graduate student

    Anthony grew up in New Jersey and studied Biochemistry at Rice University. He is currently a MD/PhD student at Washington University in St. Louis, but working at MGH. He is interested in understanding T cell reactivity in glioblastoma and meningioma. Outside of lab, Anthony enjoys bouldering and trying new restaurants and dessert shops to make up for the lost calories.


    Mao Li


    Mao grew up in Chongqing, China and graduated from West China Medical Center. Mao is a postdoctoral research fellow studying neoantigen targeting and TCR-based adoptive T cell therapies in glioblastoma. He is a big fan of outdoor activities and food adventures.

    Lydia Ann Leavitt

    Medical student

    Lydia grew up in Wisconsin and studied Neurobiology, Psychology, Global Health, and Gender and Woman Studies at UW Madison. She is currently a medical student at University of Illinois College of Medicine Rockford. She is currently further characterizing the dura and meningioma tumor interface in patient samples. Lydia enjoys everything outdoors, True Crime podcasts, and historical fiction and nonfiction.

    Bryce Mashimo

    Lab manager/research technician

    Bryce grew up in Lincoln, Massachusetts and studied Biochemistry at Boston University. He is a research technician and is aspiring to attend medical school! He is currently using single cell RNA sequencing to understand the T cell landscape in glioblastoma. Bryce enjoys running and board games.

    Markus Anzaldua-Campos

    Undergraduate student

    Originally from Monterrey, Mexico, Markus grew up in Missouri and is an undergraduate student at Harvard University studying Neuroscience and Global Health. He is a research assistant and is aspiring to attend medical school. Currently, he is focusing on the meningioma immune landscape through single cell RNA sequencing. Markus loves lifting, watching Premier League football, and spending time with his friends!

  • Collaborators

    Dr. Allegra Petti, Ph.D.



    Dr. Tanner Johanns, MD, Ph.D.

    Washington University in St. Louis

  • Alumni

    The one and only

    Dale Kobayashi

    Faculty, Staff, & Postdocs

    Rupen Desai, M.D.

    Tanner Johanns, M.D., Ph.D.

    Graduate & Medical Students

    Andrew Coxon (Medical student)

    Max Schaettler (MSTP student)

    Jay Bowman-Kirigin (MSTP student)


  • Previous members

    Dale Kobayashi

    Staff Scientist

    Staff scientist with many years of experience in a broad range of experimental design and techniques. Massive Blues fan.

    Rupen Desai, MD

    Neurosurgery Resident

    Rupen is a neurosurgery resident who studies the use of focused ultrasound in liquid biopsy and immunotherapy. Huge Duke fan.

    Max Schaettler

    MD/PhD Student

    Max studies T cell recognition in brain tumors. He is a die-hard Bayern Munich soccer fan.

    Jay Bowman-Kirigin

    MD/PhD Student

    Jay studies antigen presentation in brain tumors and novel mouse model development. Jay is a former professional free-style skier!

    Connor Liu

    Medical Student

    Connor studies therapeutic neoantigen targeting in brain tumor models. Nobody is quite as cool as Connor.

    Andrew Coxon

    Medical Student


    Andrew studies T cell biology in glioblastoma.

  • Team Pictures

    Lab Holiday Dinner

    Connor receiving the trainee award at CNS 2019.

    Connor receiving Medical Student research award

    Christmas at the Chocolate Pig

    Lab lunch at Little Saigon

    Celebrating Jay's (successful) thesis Proposal

    Celebrating Tanner's paper acceptance

    Lab dinner as Connor heads back to medical school!